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Monday, February 22, 2010

Regina Mittens - Bobbles and Bobbles of Fun!

I started my 2nd 'ravolympic' project a few days ago.  I wanted to knit up some of my Lamb Silk in a purpley-orchid color.  I was looking for mittens or gloves, and came across Regina Mittens.  The original pattern is for fingerless mitts, but I will be finishing off the thumb and working a full mitten top. 

This yarn knits so nicely - 50% extra soft merino and 50% super shiny silk - warm and soft all at the same time.  The interesting thing about this pattern is the bobbles.  I've done other lace projects that have 'knupps' - which are bobble-ish, and look pretty nifty when done, but they are difficult to work, at least in lace weight.  This bobble, on the other hand, is very round and easy to do.  You knit 5 stitches into 1, turn, purl all 5, turn, slip the first 4 over the last stitch, and then knit off the last stitch and continue on with the row/pattern.  Brilliant.  The finished bobble is very round and compact.  I'm not sure I'd like them in a bigger yarn, but this size is great, and I'd do them in place of a traditional knupp in lacework for sure.

I also changed the cuff from a traditional ribbed cuff to my favorite picot edging.  The yarn is so luxurious that I thought it needed a daintier edge.  I hope to finish off the first mitten in the next 2 days so I can complete both by closing ceremonies of the olympics.  Fingers crossed!

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