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Sunday, February 21, 2010

An Opportunity to Change Lives

Each of us living in the states have so much to be thankful for - roofs over our heads, food on the table, access to healthcare, and a free education.  Even in this recession when things are very hard for so many, we really are very blessed in comparison with much of the world.  When I travelled throughout Peru in 2008 with my son, Tyler, this was brought home to me in so many ways.  I met wonderful people who were living in circumstances that were hard to imagine - people who worked very hard for very little, and have no real opportunity to improve their situation. 

Tyler is in college now, and he and his new wife (America) are going to El Salvador May through August of this year for humanitarian work. Tyler has been appointed one of the Country Directors, and will be coordinating the volunteers in country for HELP International. HELP In'tl provides assistance in orphanages, garden plots, health and hygiene programs, and medical assistance to impoverished nations. America is graduating in April as a linguistics major, so she will be coordinating and teaching english classes and assisting Tyler with the admin tasks as a volunteer. Tyler is working on his international healthcare degree, and working with this non-profit is another step towards their planned future in humanitarian efforts abroad and at home.

As college students, they are poor (aren't they all??), and need help raising funds for America's travel and a portion of her living expenses (Tyler's are covered), as well as service project-related funds. They need to raise about $3,500, and while a private grant foundation may be covering a portion of this amount, they still need about $1,000 for the rest of their travel/living expenses. Any money over and above that amount that is raised before they get to El Salvador goes directly to the cost of the humanitarian projects on the ground.

We are so proud of these kids, and would like to help them raise funds for this very worthy cause.  If you would like to donate, this can be done through the HELP International website.  Donations in any amount can be made via the link above on the Donate tab - and should be earmark for 'Tyler and America Nelson' in the memo field. Any donations raised above the actual travel expenses needed go directly to the HELP project funds in El Salvador.

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