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Friday, January 29, 2010

This is Who I Am - You'll Just Have to Deal With It!

OK, so I'll share a bit about myself, and then only bore you with info on my amazing family if I just can't keep it in.

I've been married for just a few months shy of 30 years - holy cow - that's a long time!  By the way, I was a very young bride.  My husband is Mike, and he's an amazing photographer, and pretty good sidekick (minus the bad ankle, of course).  That's us in Maui this summer - Thanks for the flattering shot, Carole!

I have four grown children.  My daughter and her husband have been gracious enough to live close and provide me with three of the most beautiful granddaughters in existence (1, 2 and 4) - seriously, they are. They are also  extremely smart, and they love me very much (don't you Chickens)?   I love this picture - Amber gives Mom the evil eye, Paige is complaining, and Ella is quietly picking at Paige's dress. Ah, the memories.

My oldest son and his wife also live close by and have a 3 year old little guy who is a copy cat of his father, so I'm sort of reliving portions of my life, but only the good stuff this time! 

My middle son married this past summer and he and his really amazing wife are at BYU, preparing themselves to save the world, one country at a time, through humanitarian and public health services.   While I have great empathy for others, I'd prefer they move next door to me and have babies.  If you run into them, be sure to tell them you think that's a good idea. 

My youngest son is in the military, and when he's not in the states, he's scaring the wits out of me.  I'm lucky that I get to see him often, though, so I try not to complain (if I make snickerdoodles and lasagna, he'll always come...) Well, that's not true - I complain about this all the time.  I'm a military brat myself, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.  I am so proud of all of my kids - they are good parents, good people, and really fun.  I have a serious Mom Crush on all of them. 

My oldest son and my son-in-law also have an amazing country rock band: Pristine Blue.  Not only are they talented, but they are fun to watch.  You should buy their CD!

So back to my Little Chickens.  Amber is the oldest.  She's so cute - she wears red reading glasses when she comes to see me at work because I wear reading glasses.  But then, she also wears gold lame boots and a pink boa too.  I have to draw the line there.  She thinks she can knit, and has her own supplies (pink yarn, and red needles with kitties on them).  She says she prefers to knit with 'paca.'  She's a regular at my LYS when she spends the night (and the Dollar Store, Starbucks, and the "Petting Store"). 

Paige is 2.  Paige is the boss.  She's the size of a one year old but thinks she wears the pants in our extended family.  She's so loud, that sometimes she does.  I have lots of fruit snacks and let her hold the dog - so we do just fine.  She calls me on the speaker phone in the car and tells her mom "QUIET MOM!" 

Ella (Bells) is finally deciding that it would be in her best interest to stand by herself and walk.  She's an observer, and is still deciding if she's going to be in Amber's camp or Paige's camp. 

Zackary (if you use an H in his name, he let's you know about it) is such a love bug.  Since I have a dog, cat, doll house and Spiderman snacks, he really likes to come visit and spend the night.  It helps that we have a big electronic riding Thomas the Train, too.  He secretly loves Dora and the Princesses.  I bought some warrior guys this week for the dollhouse to make his Dad feel better. 

I have a huge extended family that live close by, wonderful parents, and a job.  There's not much more that a person can ask for, is there? 

Except perhaps world peace.   Then the world wouldn't need my sons, and they could come and live at home again with me.  Sounds like a plan!


  1. Don't complain, you know you'll come visit me in whichever country we're saving at the time, unless of course there's not running water or electricity, chances being then you may not visit me much. I promise we'll have a cheap condo in Portland to permanently stop by. Love you.

  2. and if you want to come here to visit Tyler and bug him about making babies then we have plenty of guests rooms and you are always welcome...

  3. I'll move to Portland and have lots of babies! That sounds like loads of fun! I want to add to the chickens...

  4. I just pop in fron collored pencil central
    and read this warm and lovely story.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Wishing you a beautiful day,Suzanne
    (p.s.Your art is great)