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Sunday, August 1, 2010

"So Easy a Kid Can Do It!"

My five year old granddaughter was visiting a couple of weeks ago.  She informed me that she needed a 'first day of school sweater,' and wanted to dye her own yarn (because, apparently, the WALL of yarn in my art room didn't have what she was looking for). 

We took some Little Lambie Plus yarn base and got to work.  Here's what her yarn looked like after she was done pouring:

I was a tad worried that I'd have to knit her up a hippie sweater with granny squared and fringe based on how the yarn looked in the dye bath, but her 'special yarn' has surprised me in the past, so I decided to withhold judgment until it was steamed and dried.

Amber was very impressed with her handy work and checked it every few minutes to see if it was dry yet.

Finally, the yarn was dry, and we skeined it up:

Amber wanted to help me "yarn it" so we loaded it onto the skeinwinder, and (drumroll):

Kindergarten is about 30 days away -- I guess I'd better get knitting!  I'll update this post once it's done and wrapped around my BFF.  Won't she be the sharpest show and tell kid in the school!?